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Tax Reporting for Truckers

States use fuel and mileage tax reporting to ensure they are getting their fair share of the tax money that the truckers are paying. Miles operated in each state are calculated and taxes paid accordingly. Truckers need to be sure this reporting is done right to avoid costly audits. Additionally, this program can help you find the best locations to purchase your fuel.

Truckers Accounting and Permitting service has the experience, expertise and the personal touch to ensure the trip sheets are completed correctly and filed appropriately for tax reporting. TAPS maintains your information so that we can analyze the data and help you decide on the best states to buy fuel based on cost and the fuel tax rate. We track all of the information so that you get your best MPG for reporting purposes and get the most for your dollar.

Can't I handle tax reporting myself?

If your taxes are not completed correctly you will not get your permits the next year and the ones you currently have can be suspended. If errors are found, you can face fines and interest in some cases that can equal 100% of the tax. If these taxes and penalties are not paid, again your permits can be suspended and you will not be renewed. Needless to say your trucking business will grind to a halt without permits. Count on Truckers Accounting and Permitting Service to ensure you keep on trucking and avoid costly errors.

If you need further assistance or explanation of taxes for truckers, please contact Truckers Accounting and Permitting Service, Inc. at 800-553-8277

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