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A company is only as good as its team members. TAPS team members are an exceptional group of people bringing their various talents to our clients. We invite to view their bio and their role within this one of a kind organization effectively supporting our community in the commercial transportation business:

FRED SIMCIC, President

A native of Tampa, Florida, Fred runs and manages the day to day operations of TAPS primarily focusing on search and investigations of new Federal and State regulations, quality process, marketing & sales, customer service, consulting & building strong relationships with our current and potential clients. Fred brings 23 years of significant experience to the Fuel Tax Reporting and Permitting Services in the commercial transportation business field. He has held a position as an Independent Financial Advisor as well as having international experience in the oil industry in USA and Europe. Fred was appointed as a Notary Public in June 1986. As a Florida Notary Public, Fred is legally authorized by the State of Florida, to witness the signing of important documents, execute notary statements, carry out notary acknowledgments, make use of a notary seal or a notary stamp and administer oaths.

Fred has 3 children and 2 grand children, and he enjoys fishing, hunting and dancing.


Rebecca was born and raised in Michigan in a suburb outside Detroit and moved to Florida 10 years ago. Prior to moving here she worked at her families hardware store for many years and she also received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Oakland University.

Rebecca’s day-to-day responsibilities include: Data Entry, Registration Renewal, PC Miler, Log Audits, Customer Service support and she has also been a Notary since 2007.

She lives with her boyfriend who is a truck driver in which accounts for her understanding of the trucking industry. She has a daughter and her hobbies include traveling, motorcycle riding and trips to the beach.


Sharon was born and raised in New Jersey and decided to move to the beautiful warm sunshine state of Florida in May 2008. Prior to moving to Florida she was working in the Medical Transportation and Human Resource/Recruiting Industry for many years and brings a new look and fresh ideas to TAPS.

Sharon’s position as an Administrative/Accounting clerk covers many different areas in our company. Sharon’s main responsibilities include: processing trip/fuel, over dimensional, annual blanket permits, UCR’S, IFTA’S, NY Hut’s, Authorities, DOT, KYU and New Mexico weight distance numbers, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Billing, Invoicing, and Quarterly Taxes in addition to providing Customer Service support to our clients on the daily basis.

Sharon is engaged, has a son, and in her spare time she enjoys theme parks and being out on a boat fishing or relaxing.

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