TAPS       Truckers Accounting and Permitting Service

"Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do. Hard to believe its been 24 years working together. Knowing we have someone like you in our corner is a huge asset, not only to our business but the trucking industry as a whole."

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Accounting and Permitting for Truckers

Truckers Accounting & Permitting Service, Inc. (TAPS) has been in the Permitting and fuel tax reporting business since 1959. We have worked with trucking companies of all sizes from owner-operators and small trucking concerns to consulting with larger trucking companies.

We allow you to focus on truck driving while we handle the bureaucracy, regulations and paperwork. We're dedicated to keeping on top of the current information from the various states, local and federal authorities.

Truck Permits

Trucking permits are required to collect taxes from interstate truckers for fuel and miles operated over the highways of the United States. Each state typically has different tax rates on fuel purchased and miles driven.

Tax Reporting for Truckers

States use fuel and mileage tax reporting to ensure they are getting their fair share of the tax money that the truckers are paying. Miles operated in each state are calculated and taxes paid accordingly. Truckers need to be sure this reporting is done right to avoid costly audits. Additionally, this program can help you find the best locations to purchase your fuel.

Starting a Trucking Company

Starting your own trucking company can be complicated, but the rewards are great. The process takes a little time and patience. Truckers Accounting and Permitting service will handle the frustrating tasks of working with the state and federal agencies involved We have done it all before and we can do it for you.

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